What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach can be defined as complete process of approaching a blogger or influencer who has good followers or visitor to write about your product and services. The whole purpose is to crate brand awareness of your product and services. The established influencer or blogger are to compensated by any means. Some good brand provide free of cost there products, some pay fee for writing and some host good parities and invite established blogger. Well money plays good role in making relationship or outreach. PR outreach or influencer outreach cost more than blogger outreach. Most of brands outsource blogger outreach work to agencies as it is difficult for them to build relationship with so many bloggers.

Blogger outreach services in simple words involves following tasks

  • Plan a blogger outreach strategy
  • identify the niche for which you need to do blogger outreach
  • locate the blogger on topics which you are working
  • Communicate with bloggers
  • Build Relationship
  • Provide media and content
  • Get it published on web
  • Share on social media

Blogger outreach is major competent of digital marketing in these days and brands are more concerned about this.


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